David Kadavy White Hot Course

David Kadavy White Hot Course

I want you to stop struggling with the wrong things!

I’m David Kadavy, the human person behind this design course. I know how it feels to wrestle with designs that never seem to work right. Back in design school, we would spend hours agonizing over our fonts, colors, and which Photoshop filter was going to look coolest.

Then, one day, everything changed. I was inspired to strip away all of that extra junk, and concentrate only on the “invisible structure” underneath it all.

I spent weeks locked in my dorm room, experimenting only with these things. I experimented with aligment, sizing, and spacing, until I had exhausted all possibilities.

When I re-emerged, I never saw things the same again. I spent the next month completely re-designing everything in my portfolio. It was finally clear to me how wrong everything looked.
Mastering White Space The Hidden Structure of Clean & Clear Design

The first and only book about the hidden structure guiding clean and clear designs that convert

A hidden spatial language, revealed

Stop the guesswork, and start understanding how layouts work. Get your point across, and convert your prospects.
A grab bag of the hottest “combos”

The best designers use the same tricks over and over again. You’ll finally have a cheat sheet of “go-to” combos to get your project shipped faster.
See it in action with real-world examples

Learn to spot it all in the wild. The hidden structure of clean & clear design that converts is used by all of the top apps and websites.


“Mastering White Space” e-book
“White Space: Shaping Nothing for Clean Design” officially-licensed SXSW® talk
“White Magic” step-by-step blog design screencast w/ companion code
Two (2) White Space Makeover screencasts: OkDork & Mixergy
BONUS White Space Makeover screencast of Hacker News

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