Andy Hafell Tube Takeoff

Andy Hafell Tube Takeoff

Andy Hafell Tube Takeoff

How To Quit Your Job And Make Passive Income From Youtube Even Without Showing Your Face
4 Week YouTube Masterclass

Week 1: Building The Rocket

The Copy & Paste Back End Sales Funnel You Need To Create Before You Even Think About Creating Your First YouTube Video

Week 2: Zero Gravity Training

Discover How To Create Simple Videos That Attract Targeted Viewers and Convert Them Into Paying Customers (Even Without Showing Your Face)

Week 3: Tube Takeoff!

Exactly How & Which Videos You Have To Create To Completely Take Off On YouTube & How To Optimize Your Channel For Maximum Growth

Week 4: Space Domination

Discover How To Turn Every Video Into A Money Making Machine That Runs 24/7 To Make You Money While You Sleep

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Ryan Rigney FBA Traffic & Funnel Mastery

Ryan Rigney FBA Traffic & Funnel Mastery

Ryan Rigney FBA Traffic & Funnel Mastery

‘Launch Products and Get Reviews with Ease by Building a Real Brand and Cultivating a Raving Audience of Buyers.’


Five IMPORTANT Reasons:

You can rank products by selling to real customers (no paid launch services);
You can contact your audience to launch new products;
You can build customer loyalty and cross-promote new products;
You can increase your brand’s valuation by building an audience;
You can drive sales whenever you’d like, and stay on page 1 more easily.

Are you understanding the power of controlling your own traffic?
Before I tell you more about FBA Traffic & Funnel Mastery, let me ask you a few questions:

Are you struggling to grow your Amazon sales?
Are you sick of competitors outranking you?
Are you unable to keep a page 1 ranking?
Do you think a 5% or 10% conversion rate increase could change your business overnight?
Are you totally confused on how to drive sales from Facebook, Adwords, Instagram & Pinterest?
When it comes to improving rank on Amazon, are you lost and overwhelmed?
Do you feel like you’re missing something huge that everyone else is “in” on?

Let me show you the thought process, show you the ropes, help you master the algorithm, and also gain some independence from Amazon in the process?


Learn how to Master Facebook Ads: I reveal the most important aspects of Facebook Advertising that you need to know. No fluff or “filler” material.
Launch Products and Boost Rankings: Build up an audience that you can launch and relaunch products to.
Get Reviews: To get reviews, you need real customers you can contact. These methods will give you that ability.
Master ChatBot Marketing for Amazon Sellers: ChatBots are absolutely the most powerful marketing tool Amazon sellers have at their disposal today. Communicate instantly with your Amazon customers via Facebook messenger. This gives you the ability to boost sales with the click of a button.You can use ChatBots to build an audience, launch products with a tsunami of traffic, get repeat customers, and build up your reviews.
No more giveaways to career deal hunters. No more review groups. Give your product to customers who are actually interested.

I’ve Spent Years Learning How to Sustain and Grow my Amazon Brand

I hope you’re ready to take your listings, ranks, and brand to the next level. 💰

Let’s face it…competing on Amazon is tough.

With Chinese competitors, dirty tricks to sabotage listings, and a barely functional Amazon algorithm, it is hard to sleep at night when your livelihood rests with Amazon.

As long as your income from Amazon is controlled by a few organic rankings…quite frankly my dear, you’re screwed.

I’m Here To Support Your Brand🏆

Everyone needs a coach and mentor.

When I started my ecommerce business, there simply were not any mentors that emphasized Amazon as a sales channel. There were programs such as ASM or Brand Builder Bootcamp (which I’ve studied), but there was something huge missing…the personal touch and concern for students from the head-honchos. Trust me, the “team members” for these large courses without thousands of students just don’t care about your success.

I have a personal stake in the success of all my students. From the weekly office hours to the private group, you have a direct line to me. Since you’re investing in this course, you have my ear.


Here’s what you get when you enroll today.

This is not just another Amazon seller course where you get access to a handful of generic videos with zero support. Courses like that are a dime a dozen (in reality, they cost $1,000 or more). I’m not going to spend more time taking pictures of my cars or sales than I spend helping my students. That’s bogus.


This is not a newbie course. I am not going to teach you how to source products, or how to apply barcodes. There are hundreds of youtube videos and free resources out there to help you with that.

What I will show you is how to structure a brand, how to optimize your listings, how to get as many sales on those listings as possible, and how to build an audience that you can use again & again.

I’m creating this course because this content is not taught, but is extremely important.

I am giving you access to every strategy I use to build my eCommerce business.

The foundation of this course is a series of detailed powerpoint slides and videos that go into more detail. In addition to the content already generated, I will take your questions and weekly discussions to make more content.

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Taylor Lane The No Bullshit Road to Remote Work

Taylor Lane The No Bullshit Road to Remote Work

Taylor Lane The No Bullshit Road to Remote Work

No Bullshit – Just Results! How to Actually Find and Land a Remote Job The No BS Road To Remote Work is Remote Like Me’s signature course that teaches strategies on how to find remote work, including freelance gigs, full time + part time positions on remote teams, and other types of contract work. Throughout 7 course modules of videos and worksheets, you’ll learn where to find these opportunities, how to get noticed by remote companies, and how to land the job every time. Each module builds upon the last, creating your focused path to becoming a remote worker.
You can move at your own pace, completing the modules whenever you want to, however there are recommended time lines given. Say goodbye to the guessing game! This is the action plan you need to finally get that remote job of your dreams. WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR? ⇒ Moms who want to work from home ⇒ College graduates who don’t want to enter the corporate lifestyle. ⇒ People with chronic pain and illness who need to work from the comfort of their homes ⇒ Travel addicts who need a location independent career so that they can start their Digital Nomad lifestyle. ⇒ Women over 40 years old who need help breaking into the remote workforce ⇒ Entrepreneurs and coaches just getting started who need steady income from a part time remote job. ⇒ Freelancers who are tired of hunting for clients each month and want to be part of a team again YOUR NEW REMOTE JOB AWAITS YOU

What’s inside? The No BS Road to Remote Work is the all-in-one self-paced course that will allow you to go remote from anywhere in the world. Learn from Taylor, who has helped tons of people ditch their office jobs for the remote careers of their dreams! 7 modules of kickass strategies to land your new remote job
Exercises for digging deep and finding out which remote career suits you best
The famous skill set checklist that helps beginners find out how they can go remote with skills they already have
Course workbook filled with fillable PDFs for implementing strategies
Video tutorials for how to design a remote resume
Mindset advice for how to job search from a place of abundance and avoid desperation, even if you are currently unemployed
Mantras that you can use to manifest your dream job
Steps to prep for a remote job interview
Formula for negotiating your dream salary
Instructions for sending video applications
Resources for finding remote jobs that go beyond simple job boards
Guidelines for using social media to find your remote job
Networking challenge + actionable tips to harness the power of your network
Finally write a cover letter that you know hiring managers want to read
Try all of the tools that you need to succeed as a remote worker, for free Plus these bonuses Exclusive Facebook Support Group – coming Jan 1st!
Receive 1 complimentary Weekly Roundup of remote job opportunities with your course purchase
Taylor’s no-excuses-action-plan to go remote on your own terms
A backup plan full of trouble shooting tips for when your job search is going off course
See Taylor’s example for organizing your job search properly
My ACTUAL application and full breakdown of how I got hired remotely with nearly zero experience
Hacks and shortcuts to make job searching and applying fun and fast!

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Jordan Steen The Digital Marketing School

Jordan Steen The Digital Marketing School

Jordan Steen The Digital Marketing School

The ALL-IN-ONE Course for Digital Marketing and Starting a Marketing Agency

What if I told you that building an online empire is an attainable goal – not a pipe dream? Or, what if I told you that you’re only 90 days away from launching your own digital marketing agency, signing your own clients, and building wealth and stability for yourself? With the Digital Marketing School, you are. This comprehensive course gives you all the tools you need to successfully launch your own digital marketing business in just 90 days – all you need to do is get started!

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